Monday, 17 August 2015

B&Bs Never Suitable Accommodation For Homeless Children And Young People

Bed and breakfast accommodation is not suitable to house young homeless people - even in an emergency - the Local Government Ombudsman is reiterating. The message has been prompted by an LGO investigation, after a vulnerable teenager with significant behavioural problems was housed by the council in a B&B when his home life broke down. The teenager spent five days in B&B accommodation, but during that time the council did not carry out a new assessment of his needs – something that it is required to do by statutory guidance on homeless young people. The council did not realise that in providing him with accommodation it was treating him as a ‘looked after child’. The duties to looked after children are very specific and he should not have been allowed to stay in a B&B, or without significant support. The first time the council visited him at the B&B, was two days into his stay. Read more on the LGO website.

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