Thursday, 6 August 2015

Right to Buy Sales Outstrip New Social Rented Homes

The number of social rented homes sold under Right to Buy annually has now outstripped the number built. Government figures show that more social housing tenants exercised their Right to Buy in 2013/14 than the number of new social rented homes built in England and Wales. In 2013/14, there were 11,514 Right to Buy sales and 10,920 units of additional social rented homes, the CLG figures show. In 2012/13, there were 6,114 Right to Buy sales and 17,620 additional social rented homes. In addition to social rented housing, 19,740 ‘affordable rent’ homes were built in 2013/14. The last time there were more Right to Buy sales than new social rented homes built was in 2005/06 when there were 28,519 sales and 23,630 new social homes. Read more on the ONS website.

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