Wednesday, 27 July 2016

People & Properties

The CLG has released more detailed analysis of Private Rented Sector (PRS) data from the results of the English Housing Survey 2014-15. The PRS Report gives details of demographics, satisfaction with housing, tenancy details and housing stock.
  • People - The PRS now accounts for 19% (4.3m) of all households, up from 11% of all households in 2004-05 (an 82% increase over 10 years)
  • Age - The PRS has a higher proportion of younger people than other tenure types with 70% of renters aged under 45, compared to 35% in the social sector and 25% of owner-occupiers
  • Tenure Length - On average renters had lived at their current address for 4 years, with 76% having been there for less than 5 years and 59% for less than 3 years
Download the report from the CLG website.

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