Friday, 12 August 2016

The Housing Act: A Neoliberal Policy Too Far?

There are examples of government policies and initiatives that unravel almost before they’re unveiled. The Housing and Planning Act could soon be added to the list. This ill-conceived, iniquitous legislation could collapse under the weight of its own nonsense and our refusal to accept yet another attack on public services and working-class communities. According to the government’s timetable, the Act should be implemented next April. It’s not going to happen. Amid political turmoil, the legislation is due to return to Parliament, but not until after the summer recess. Pressure inside and outside the Commons brought some concessions to the original Bill, but privately, local councils, including Tory-controlled authorities, are describing the policy as an “administrative nightmare” and are very worried about its potential impact. Read more on the Morning Star website.

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