Thursday, 24 November 2016

Tory MP Said He’d Rather Have Golf Courses Than Affordable Housing

In a televised interview, Conservative MP Nigel Evans revealed that, instead of housing, he would rather see golf resorts built on green spaces. in an interview with RT UK‘s News Thing Evans proposes his ludicrous plan. When host Sam Delaney jokingly asks if the reason Evans wants Trump to come to the Ribble Valley is so that he can “turn the whole bloody thing into a golf course”, Evans responds: “I tell you what, we’ve got a lot of green space there. I’d rather those be turned into golf courses than some of the housing estates that keep being put up there.” When Delaney responds with surprise and asks “haven’t we got a housing crisis?”, Evans replies: “In the Ribble Valley we haven’t.” Read more on the Canary.

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