Monday, 22 May 2017

All Landlords Need To Know About The Conservative Manifesto.

There are hints that incentives might be used to encourage landlords to offer longer term contracts, including;
  • Fair Debt - A fair debt policy – creating a “Breathing Space” for those in serious problem debt, protection from further interest, charges and enforcement action for up to six weeks. This would be beneficial for vulnerable households who are caught in a spiral of debt.
  • Equality - Equalities law will be strengthened so that private landlords who discriminate are properly investigated and prosecuted. This comes as the Government are facing possible legal action over Right to Rent.
  • Energy Efficiency - A commitment to upgrading all fuel poor homes to EPC band C by 2030.
In conclusion - Tenants are now clearly seen as consumers by the Conservatives with landlords being seen as providing a service.

Read more on the NLA website.

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